Moshe Manoah – Shopping Centers

Moshe Manoah is a co-founder of Monarch Investments Group as well as Marquis Investments and Crown Holdings Group, all of which are placed in Atlanta, GA. His entire professional career has been dedicated to the construction and real estate industries. When he was in his early twenties, he founded NRI Construction and was in charge of the company for over fifteen years. Now with all of these companies under his belt, he has been behind one of the fastest-growing real estate businesses in the country; and it only keeps getting bigger.

Moshe Manoah

Moshe Manoah

Monarch Investment Group recently announced that they would be refinancing two of their shopping centers: Hiram Square II and Snellville Place Shopping Center. Monarch first acquires these shopping centers back in 2012; and they have since been leasing since. According to Moshe Manoah “The Company was able to double the investment made by its equity partners and we were able to provide a huge return on investment for our partners while improving the property at the same time. This turnaround approach is a hallmark of Monarch’s strategy of providing excellent investor returns.”

Monarch’s Managing Principal, Steven M. LaMastra, also had some choice words of his own: “Monarch is very proud of our ability to refinance these properties so soon after acquiring them, which demonstrates the significant value we were able to add in a very short period.” The success that Monarch Investments Group has displayed this past year is reflective of Moshe Manoah’s longstanding vision and leadership abilities, both of which he was able to leverage greatly in his business.


Moshe Manoah – Youth Coach

Moshe Manoah is a real estate business professional based in Ft Lauderdale, FL and Atlanta, GA. When he is not busy helping thousands of residents in the southeast region with finding their dream homes at a reasonable price, he is being a father figure and role model not only for his kids, but also those in his community. As a youth soccer coach, he has played a large role in the athletic development of his children as well as others. Coaching can be a serious commitment, as you become a role model for these kids who now depend on you to be at every practice and every game on time and with all of the necessary equipment. But a person as organized as Moshe Manoah is fully capable of such a task; and he is always happy to be a bigger parts of his children’s lives.

Moshe Manoah

Bigger than even teaching players the fundamentals of the sport and how to hone their talents, Moshe Manoah knows that being a youth soccer coach also means you are responsible for instilling the core values of sportsmanship into the player, and those include teamwork, leadership, determination and respect. Learning these values will not only make you a more formidable teammate and opponent but it also prepares you for the type of person to person competition that one will eventually face in their lives, whether it be in a job or on a sports field. And teaching kids that is a rewarding experience for Moshe Manoah.

Moshe Manoah – Giving Back

Moshe Manoah is one of the founding members of Crown Holdings Group, a real estate firm based in Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in buying and developing neglected or undervalued real estate properties. As someone who lives in both Atlanta as well as Fort Lauderdale, FL, Manoah has over twenty-five years of experience in business and real estate development throughout the southeastern region of the United States. He also founded NRI Construction and brought in over two hundred and fifty million dollars in revenue as a general contractor while still running a tight ship when it comes to expenses and budgeting.

Moshe Manoah

Not only is Moshe Manoah a skilled businessman, but he is also a philanthropist who believes in giving back to his community. While working with NRI Construction, he donated money to the Atlanta Jewish Foundation. Now with Crown Holdings Group, he has amplified his generosity by donating one hundred thousand dollars to the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, which aids charitable organizations and outreach efforts throughout the city. He also donated more than forty thousand to Israeli Chabad centers throughout the states of Georgia and Florida. Furthermore, Manoah also donates food and supplies to the Israeli Defense forces.

For Moshe Manoah, he sees it as a civil duty for people to provide support to the organizations that are devoted to righteous causes. Donations are the primary source of revenue for all charities and non-profits, which is why he is dedicated to helping those who support the causes he finds to be most important.

Moshe Manoah: A Good Year

Moshe Manoah says that the last twelve months have been very good to the Crown Holdings Group. The Atlanta, Georgia-based real estate investment firm has been named one of the city’s fastest growing firms, and one of its best places to work.

The company received the award at the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 2014 Pacesetter Awards.

Moshe Manoah

Moshe Manoah

Crown Holdings Group was co-founded in 2009 by Moshe Manoah and Blair Schlossberg to acquire, own, develop and manage commercial and residential real estate properties.

“We are proud and thrilled to receive this honor from the Atlanta Business Chronicle, especially because it validates the vision Blair Schlossberg and Moshe Manoah originally had,” said Crown principal Stephen M. LaMastra. That vision was to build a top real estate company in less than five years, a goal which has been reached.

“Crown has a clear and effective strategy, great people and a best-in-class approach to everything we do,” Moshe Manoah said, “from analysis and investment to relationships with our partners, investors and tenants. We are proud of what we have built, how quickly we have found success and how we intend to continue to grow right here in our hometown of Atlanta.”

Crown co-founder Blair Schlossberg added, “This is just the beginning for us.”

Moshe Manoah has many years of experience in both real estate and construction. He co-founded MRI Construction while still in his twenties, and ran that company for more than fifteen years. “I want to make people that invest with me a strong return, while providing them daily access to the open books and records,” he says.

Moshe Manoah: Gander Mountain

Moshe Manoah is one of the principals at Monarch Investment Group, LLC, which was recently named one of the best places to work in Atlanta by the Atlanta Business Chronicle and by Quantum Workplace. The real estate investment firm has commercial properties all over the United States, with a concentration of them in the southeastern part of the country.

Monarch recently announced that it is adding Gander Mountain to its Promenade North shopping center in Montgomery, Alabama. Gander Mountain is one of the premier sporting goods retailers in the United States. Moshe Manoah says the addition of Gander Mountain to Promenade North is a real feather in the company’s cap.

As Moshe Manoah knows, Monarch Investment Group acquired Promenade North in the spring of 2014 and began arrangements to get Gander Mountain into the shopping center almost right away. The sporting goods retailer will be one of the shopping center’s anchor stores. Moshe Manoah and his colleagues say they are thrilled to bring Gander Mountain to Promenade North, because it is such an established retailer. They say that Gander Mountain will be opening a forty-five thousand square foot superstore there, and that it will be the retailer’s first store in the Montgomery market.

In addition to Monarch Investments Group, Moshe Manoah is also a co-founder and Principal of its affiliates, Crown Holdings Group, Marquis Investments, and Duke Homes. He manages the overall daily operations of Monarch, as well as its investor relations and asset and project evaluation. A native of Tel Aviv, Israel, he came to the United States in 1980 and now makes has homes in Atlanta, Georgia and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Moshe Manoah: Soccer Coach

Moshe Manoah has more than twenty-five years of experience in buying, renovating, and reselling undervalued real estate properties. He is one of the founders of the Crown Investment Group, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Moshe Manoah is also a devoted family man and the proud father of three kids, the oldest of whom is a student at Florida State University and about to switch to the University of Miami. He has always spent as much time as possible with this children and knows that the time spent with them were some of the most valuable of his life.

Moshe Manoah

Moshe Manoah

He never hesitated to get involved in their activities. “I coached my girls and other kids to play soccer,” he recalls. Coaching soccer or any other sport, he learned, involved a lot more than just practicing fundamentals or designing plays. Coaching is a huge responsibility that placed him in a position of trust and authority.

Some of the most important things he learned as a youth soccer coach included the importance of communicating positively with the players on the team, and also their parents and other coaches. He always kept in mind that in the end, soccer is just a game, and that win or lose the purpose was for his players to have a fun and healthy experience. So while his coaching style involved the rules of the game and practicing the basics, he always made sure to emphasize sportsmanship and giving everyone on the team a chance to play. He treated each kid on the team as an individual, while at the same time remembering that they were, after all, only kids.

Moshe Manoah: Founding Member

Moshe Manoah was a founding member of NRI Construction when he was still in his early twenties. He has always been self-employed and working within the construction and real estate industries. He is currently a founding member and an owner at Crown Holdings Group, Monarch Investments, and Marquis Investments, all of them based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Crown Holdings Group has more than two hundred associates who are committed to providing returns to their investors through the acquisition, improvement, management and growth of select real estate investments. The firm’s real estate buys and develops undervalues real estate and has properties throughout the southeastern United States. “We invest in devalued real estate and re-development projects that provide the opportunity to create and capture value,” Moshe Manoah says.

The real estate holdings of the Crown Investment Group typically involve “distressed” properties that have been foreclosed on or otherwise fallen into a sort of limbo. As Moshe Manoah knows, it is important that he analyze not only the legal title to the distressed property, but also the appropriateness of the development plan. He looks at the property not simply as a plot of land, but as something with a value that can be enhanced with a development plan, and then repositioned.

Moshe Manoah believes that current economic conditions continue to validate opportunities that exist for experienced, motivated and focused plays in real estate. And he says that the advantages of Crown Holdings Group lie in its combination of professional expertise, geographical focus, operational efficiency and strong local partnerships.